Thursday 26th January 6.30pm Parent Partnership Meeting in the Aspire Library - "Assessment"
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Welcome to Braunton Academy

Welcome to Braunton Academy's website. We hope it gives you a flavour of things going on in the Academy, as well as providing easy access to information you may need. Braunton Academy is an increasingly popular and oversubscribed community school where learning and well-being are at the forefront of our ethos for all to ‘Aspire & Achieve’.

“The school’s motto of ‘Aspire & Achieve’ is central to all aspects of the school’s work. Students are well prepared for their future.” – OFSTED (June 2016)

Braunton Academy is a progressive school with a strong traditional ethos and we combine this with a firm belief in developing the solid foundations of knowledge, skills and understanding.  Our aim is to provide an exciting and nurturing learning environment where students can truly flourish. We are an open and collaborative academy that takes seriously its responsibility to equip its students for the future: openness, trust, honesty and integrity are essential to the way we work.  We encourage all within our local community to become involved in school life, seeking to be responsive rather than reactive.  

As a progressive school, we are relentless in our focus to keep education moving forward, relevant and up to date for our young people.  We know that students learn best when they are fully immersed in the learning process through a relevant, varied curriculum experience. We focus on developing the personal learning and thinking skills that underpin effective learning and future employability. We aim to encourage our young people to develop agile, creative and analytical minds

Our ethos is underpinned by the Braunton Academy “Pots of Learning” and a culture for teaching that centres on Trivium approaches where the tradition of grammar and knowledge form the foundations for questioning, reasoning, communicating and learning. Braunton Academy is an exciting and unique place to learn, where all students make excellent progress through a desire to learn and succeed.

I hope that our website reflects our values and principles and provides you with useful information demonstrating that our Academy acts as a resource for enabling students to imagine - and take steps towards building - fulfilling and sustainable futures.

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Dates for your Diary

  • Thursday 26th January - 6.30pm - Parent Partnership Meeting in the Aspire Library

Mr Cammack's Update:

Last week, the Year 11 students received their PPE (Mock Exams) Results in a ‘real’ GCSE Results Day: a fantastic opportunity for our students to experience both the nervous anticipation of the real thing and, most importantly, to be able to identify and recognise the importance of the work/studies required of them in the coming term.

The opportunity to host a group of students from Chile in a cultural exchange this week was hugely successful, offering a most enlightening experience for all involved, especially for our Y7 and Y10 geography students; it was also rewarding to hear such favourable praise about our students and our school from their students and staff.

Great to hear from so many of our ex-students over the holiday: so many of them seem to be doing so well at their respective Universities, apprenticeships, and work placements - do continue to send us your 'selfies' of yourselves at 'work' so that we may share them with our present students and staff: truly 'Aspire & Achieve' in action!

Please do come along to our next “Parent Partnership” meeting taking place on 26th January 2017 (6:30 to 7:30 pm), irrespective of which Year Group your child may be in, and feel confident in contributing to (y)our on-going educational debate: the agenda is dictated by those issues immediately facing the Academy at the time of the academic year and whatever you bring to the meeting on the evening, hence the focus for the next meeting will be “Academic Assessment through the Years at Braunton Academy.”