Wishing Everyone a Happy Summer Holiday...................Autumn start back on Wednesday 6th September Week 1

Expressive Arts

Art, Music and Drama are the subject areas that co-ordinate together to form the Expressive Arts Faculty. Miss Cassells heads the Music Department, with Mrs Bateman leading the Art Department supported by Miss Britton and Mr Holmes. Ms Ratcliffe leads the Drama Department. Additional support is given to the team by Ms Oliver.

The Drama Dept.

As well as Key Stage 3 curriculum and Drama GCSE, the Drama Department has a thriving Drama Club which meets weekly after school, and puts on productions, usually twice a year. The main show is performed in early Spring, and we usually work on musicals and more serious plays in alternate years. In recent years we have shown Macbeth, A Man For All Seasons and The Lark, while our musical productions have included Calamity Jane and Peter Pan. At Christmas time, pupils have been able to rehearse and perform various pantomimes such as Hansel and Gretel, Humpty Dumpty and Potty Panto which are great fun. The latest production, performed in February 2017  was Treasure Island. Our shows will always involve a large cast, with opportunities for everyone who wants to be a part of the performance, whether as an actor, singer, dancer, stage hand, stage manager, lighting technician or sound engineer. Students who choose to be a part of the productions thrive in a mutually supportive environment and are rightly proud to show their work to their families and Academy staff on performance evenings.

Please click the link to see the latest Drama GCSE specification from AQA.

Homework; independent learning resources for Drama Students

Homework is set on the Show My Homework website .

Please take a look at the following sites for information and dramatic inspiration! They can be used to help you with homework or as a resource to enrich your learning in Drama.

The National Theatre
The Royal Shakespeare Company
GCSE Bitesize Drama
Royal Academy for Dramatic Art

The Art Dept

 In Art , students explore visual, tactile and other sensory experiences to communicate ideas and meanings. Students experience a range of materials and develop their skills through:


Students look at a wide range of art work including designers and craft workers. The Programme of study allows students to personalise their work and to be able to select from a range of materials. The course content is varied and includes art work from different cultures and around the World.

Students are helped and shown examples and techniques through demonstration. Staff give constant verbal feedback and support throughout the projects in order to raise confidence. Formal assessments are made at the end of each term. This Key Stage informs students allowing them to make option studies part way through Year 9.

Students that continue the subject into GCSE have normally achieved a self direction and independence to aid their work and skills. As a department, we foster the following skills:

Strong drawing ability
Creative thinking
Exploring materials and risk taking

Homework ; independent learning opportunities for Art students.

Homework is set on the Show My Homework website .

In addition to the homework that is regularly set, students should access the following websites to enrich and enhance their independent learning skills.

Take a look at the following links:

GCSE Bitesize Art
The Tate Gallery
The National Gallery
Art time-lapse - how we made the beach-themed mural at Braunton Academy

The Music Dept.

The music department is committed to encouraging students to experience an extensive scope of styles and genres of music as fully as possible through the voice and by performing and composing on a wide range of instruments including keyboards, guitars, bass guitars, ukeleles, and tuned and untuned percussion. We aim to carry on the excellent opportunities brought to students in our feeder primary schools through the Wider Opportunities Scheme, by continuing and extending students’ practical music making activities when they move on to Braunton Academy. We strongly believe that music training extends and enhances the mental faculties of young people.

We have an enthusiastic team of experienced and highly skilled instrumental teachers for all the orchestral instruments and for piano, guitar and drum kit. Students have the opportunity to participate in numerous extra-curricular opportunities including orchestra, choir, jazz band, pit band, ukelele club, rock bands and theory club. Many of our students take part in performing at open mic nights, or with musical organisations in Devon, such as:
North Devon Choral Society

We have visits from such highly skilled musicians as the Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra. In conjunction with the drama department, we have put on the musicals West Side Story, Calamity Jane and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Many of our students have moved on to specialist music schools or music colleges for both popular and classical performance, and on to careers in music.

Music homework; independent learning opportunities.

Homework is set on the Show My Homework website . The following sites may be helpful to Music GCSE students or KS3 students
GCSE Bitesize Music

For notation, theory, some history of music, a brief description of styles of music. Sadly no sound files, but there is a flash piano... click on method behind the music.

Wikipedia has a list of musical instruments, some you will never have heard of. Some of them have sound files so you can hear the instrument.  If you are an aspiring rock musician take a look at the Rock School site.