Wishing Everyone a Happy Summer Holiday...................Autumn start back on Wednesday 6th September Week 1


“He who knows only his generation...  remains always a child”

                                                                                      Cicero, 106-43BC

Braunton Academy History Department believes strongly in the ethos ‘We cannot know where we are going until we know where we have been’. Through study of our past, we understand more about our present – and thus become better prepared for the future.

By gaining a thorough knowledge of history – both in Britain and the wider world – students develop a greater comprehension of society and, in turn, their places within it. From a broader educational standpoint, students are empowered to think critically, assess evidence, discuss arguments and form judgements. But above all, we foster a love of learning which nurtures curiosity.

And with the right tools, this curiosity can lead to much greater discoveries...



In line with the National Curriculum we aim to ensure that all students:

- Understand British history as a coherent, chronological and linear narrative, from pre-history to the present – and know how individual lives have shaped the country and how it has been influenced by the wider world

- Grasp different aspects of world history, such as the nature of ancient civilisations, the growth and fall of empires, and the achievements of humanity

- Comprehend and use concepts such as ‘empire’, ‘parliament’ and ‘peasantry’

- Learn to use methods of historical enquiry such as using evidence to support theories, comparing and contrasting arguments, and interpreting sources from the past

- Gain historical perspective, and understand the differences and  connections between local, national and international history, and between cultural, economic, political, religious and social history.