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Welcome to the maths department at Braunton Academy. Here you will find friendly and approachable staff who are all passionate about their subject. There is a wealth of experience and enthusiasm between our specialist team of four teachers. Due to our commitment towards the subject, the students at Braunton Academy are also inspired about their maths and understand why it is so important in the real world.

The curriculum is broken down into Key Stage 3 and 4.

In Key Stage 3 Years 7, 8 and 9 students are setted according to their ability. All students follow a rich curriculum widely based around engaging, discovery activities ensuring they become positive, active learners and understand that maths is about concepts and is not restricted to following a set of rules.

In Key Stage 3 the units of work are taught in Level Bands:

  • Year 7: Foundation, Developing, Secure, Extending and Exceptional


  • Year 8: Levels 3-5, 4-6 and 5-7


  • Year 9: Levels 3-5, 4-6 and 5-8



These are then taught and reviewed continually and assessed by Progress Test and Module Tests each term. Each student is kept informed of their progress up through the levels and is given regular detailed feedback of how to improve.  Sets are reviewed at the end of each half term.

There is a progression of concepts and each step forward is built on consolidating previous knowledge and skills taught. There is no ‘ceiling’ to the level of work a student can access at any stage of the process.

In Key Stage 4, Years 10 and 11 students are also setted according to ability. All students follow the Edexcel Two Tier Linear Syllabus (Foundation Grades 1-5, Higher Grades 4-9). We have the flexibility of changing the tier of entry for each student in each stage of their exams, which allows us to personalise their learning. Students take responsibility for their GCSE from the start of year 10, as their first PPE is in November of Year 10.

At Braunton Academy there is something for everyone in maths and students also have the options of studying  Statistics and Additional Maths. Giving students a chance to leave Braunton Academy with up to 3 maths related GCSEs.

The provision of interactive boards is a major benefit of our Specialist Status. The possibilities for learning are incredibly exciting and our students really look forward to sharing ideas in the classroom.

Homework: independent learning opportunities in Maths

Homework is regularly set on the Show My Homework website.

 It is important that students access extra learning resources that are available on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to extend their homework and aid their preparation for examinations and tests. There are some helpful links in the next section.

Year 11

You can access past papers and other learning resources on the following Edexcel site: Edexcel Maths  Functional Skills  GCSE Maths Past Papers and Maths Genie 

Year 7-11

Year 7 - 11 will need to access the MyMaths , North Devon Maths website or BBC bitesize  for learning resources that will be helpful to you with your independent Mathematical learning.

My Maths - homeworks will be set using My maths for all years. It is really useful for students to review their learning by going over My Maths lessons too.



It should be noted that Maths and Additional Maths GCSE forms part of the English Baccalaureate.

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