The School Day & Term Dates

Breakfast club -Isaac Hall 0815-0845 
Registration/tutor time/assembly  0845-0905 
Period 1  0905-1005 
Period 2  1005-1105 
Break  1105-1125 
Period 3  1125-1225 
Period 4  1225-1320 
Lunch /clubs/activities 1320-1405 
Period 5  1405-1505 
After School Clubs/activities/HW IT access  1505-1630 

There are many sports fixtures and trips which may return later than 4.30pm. Staff conducting them will keep you informed. 


Maximising attendance

The link between good achievement and high attendance is very strong. Please support your child by ensuring that they get to school in good time and that they attend school regularly, ideally 100% of the time.

Our prospectus for 2013-14 can be accessed by clicking on the next link 

Prospectus 2014